Monday, February 27, 2006

I got my letter!

Well, today proved to be a pretty big day for me! My day was pretty routine up until about 6:00 PM on February 27th, 2006. I didn't get home until about then, because I had practice with my 5th grade boys basketball team. I got home to change before heading to a game for the other team I coach, the 6th grade boys, and saw a letter from Little League Baseball. I didn't think too much of it as I opened it, thinking it would be a "thank-you for attending the Western Region Umpire School". I saw the first line, and froze. I've typed the letter as it came to me below:

Dear Mr. Springer:

At the recommendation of your District Administrator and with the understanding that you do not accept pay for umpiring Little League games during the Regular Season or Post-Season at any level of Little League Play, you have been selected as a Volunteer Umpire for the 2006 Senior League Baseball Western Regional Tournament.

This letter is to determine if you will be available and willing to umpire at this series that is being hosted by Oregon District 7 in Salem, Oregon. The tentative dates for this Tournament are July 31 through August 9, 2006. The dates will be finalized in the near future.

The Senior League Tournament will include a representative from each of the four Divisions in the Western Region.

Your travel to and from the tournament site will be at your expense. If your family and/or friends will be traveling with you, their accommodations, meals and transportation will also be at your expense. Your Tournament Director will make bachelor type housing arrangements for you and provide you with additional information concerning the tournament, planned activities and information about the host city and surrounding area.

if you are able to attend, please confirm in writing to this Regional Headquarters no later than march 10, 2006.

Additional Information will be forwarded after confirmations have been recieved. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact our office.

Thank you for your support of the Little League program and we look forward to having you with us this summer.


Jim Gerstenslager
Western Regional Director

cc: Same Palmer, Western Region U.I.C.
Mrs. Debbie bedell, DA, OR-7, Tournament Director

I didn't make it past the first line of the letter before I knew what it was, but had to read through the rest of the first paragraph just to make sure it was all true. I didn't finish the letter for a few minutes. Now that I know I've been selected for this tournament, this season will end up being a big warm up for me, to use as getting prepped for this tournament. There will now be two L.B.U.A. umpires including myself that are umpiring Regional Tournaments this summer. The other, Randy Kalar, was notified in January of his selection for the Big League tournament in Port Orchard, Washington. Once he and I have umpired our tournaments, that will make Four L.B.U.A. umpires that have umpired a Regional. I can't say how great this is for our group. Last year John Halloran, our Comissioner and President, and Lonnie Thurston umpired the Sr. Baseball, and LL Softball Regionals respectively.

Stay tuned to this blog this season, as I update my progress twards the tournament. My goal is to keep it updated weekly at the very least, leading up to the tournament, then nightly updates during the tournament.

I really can't wait for this tournament to start. I've been trying for this for a while now, and can't say how proud I am to be able to represent not only Oregon, but District 7 at this tournament!


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