Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Getting Settled In

Well, I'm a few weeks into the season, and it's been a rough go for me. I've had a few rough plate games where I just can't get it figured out. My tracking has been horrible, and as a result I'm missing pitches, bailing on balls in the dirt, and generally looking like crap. I've had a bright spot, however. Yesterday I was supposed to go to Toledo as the base umpire for a varsity game, but my partner had to bail out day of game. My commissioner had to pair me up with a "rookie", and move me to the plate. I put rookie in "", because I was put with Brandon, who has been umpiring for several years, but this is his first with the high school association. He's a member of LBUA, and I referee basketball with him as well. I had a pretty good plate game yesterday. I was doing a lot of things better that I was doing wrong before, and was seeing the ball a whole lot easier because of it. I'm "on the road to recovery", I think. It may take a few more weeks to work out the things I've been having trouble with, but I'll get there. Monday I was working with John at South Albany. That was by far my worst plate game in a long time, and he jumped on to work a 4 man with Ken, Brad, and me. As we were leaving the field I made the comment that "I've got a long way to go before I'm ready for July." referring to my regional. And...I do. We'll see if I can work out these things that may be minor, but are a big deal to me.

I've got four months to fix these things, which is a long time. So if I start now, I should be comfortable by July 31st when I take the feild for my first game.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another Rainy Week In Oregon

Well, the first week of the season is almost over. So far I've gotten in one game this year. Tuesday with Randy at Toledo. My other two games were rained out at South Albany, and Lebanon. I have a doubble header today at Waldport. It's been pushed back an hour, and will start at 1:00, instead of noon.

My game Tuesday went all right. I had the bases. I felt a little rusty, and made some mistakes. It wasn't a very well played game, either. That made it hard to make all my rotations smoothly. But, I was able to do a bunch right.

Next week is filling up as well. My rain out at South Albany will be made up Wednesday. Monday I go to Sweet Home, and Tuesday I have a game as well. Maybe the weather will finally turn into true spring-like weather, and we'll be able to get some games in!

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Season Approaches quickly

Well, here we are 4 days before my season will officially start! I got my first coupple weeks of my high school umpiring schedule. My first game will be Tuesday at Toledo. Toledo is a small coast town. What excites me about that game, is I'll get to work with Randy, who is also a member of LBUA, and on the board with me for LBUA. Randy is also going to be working the Big League Western Regional this summer up in Port Orchard. He is one of about 3 people I wanted to umpire my first game with this year, so I'm very happy about that!!

We're very short handed this year for high school ball, so I'll be working a bunch of games this year. I'll be working varisty at Toledo Tuesday, Thursday varsity at South Albany, Friday varsity somewhere, Saturday varsity at Waldport, a doubble header, then the next week will be just as full. I'm only disapointed that I only have been assigned one plate game out of my first 9 games this year. that sorta frusterates me, as I'm anxious to get behind the dish. I'll have to talk to Marcus about that. I went and bought brand new plate shoes, and I dont' even get to use them for another full week!

Anyway, stay tuned. I'll be updating next week after my first few games.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More Info I've discovered:

Well, I've found out a little more information tonight. John, my UIC will be on Staff for my Sr. Regional Tournament this year. Holland Youth Park will be hosting the tournament this year. Holland Park is the home of Parish Little League. They only have one 90 foot diamond, however. So, this means that there will be four games a day, most likely starting at 10:00 AM, with the last game being at 7:00 PM probably. I'll be working two games a day, like I figured. My day will likely be starting much earlier. My guess is our crews will work a game, sit a game, then work our last game. If this is what ends up happening, I prefer this style of doing it, because that gives everyone a game off to relax, and watch the other crew work.

Tonight I helped out at the L.B.U.A Rules Training. I presented Rule 8-The Pitcher. John introduced me as "The newest Regional Umpire". Everyone has been very supportive of my selection. I've gotten phone calls, and hand shakes every time I come accross anyone associated with L.B.U.A, and I can't say how cool that is. Our group has worked really hard to get to this place, and it is beginning to really pay off. Five L.B.U.A. members are now Regional Umpires. Our group continues to look better and better! This is really a pat on the back to all the things John has done. Also, ALL of the District 7 Regional selections this year are from Albany and Corvallis. I can't say how proud that makes me to be able to say I am a member of L.B.U.A. right now!!

The tournament is still over 120 days away, and I just can't wait for it to get here. John also said he'd be planning a road trip up to Port Orchard to watch Randy work his Regional. That will be a ton of fun, and awesome to be able to go support him, even though he is a ways away. This is a banner year for L.B.U.A., and I'm proud to be a part of it!