Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another Rainy Week In Oregon

Well, the first week of the season is almost over. So far I've gotten in one game this year. Tuesday with Randy at Toledo. My other two games were rained out at South Albany, and Lebanon. I have a doubble header today at Waldport. It's been pushed back an hour, and will start at 1:00, instead of noon.

My game Tuesday went all right. I had the bases. I felt a little rusty, and made some mistakes. It wasn't a very well played game, either. That made it hard to make all my rotations smoothly. But, I was able to do a bunch right.

Next week is filling up as well. My rain out at South Albany will be made up Wednesday. Monday I go to Sweet Home, and Tuesday I have a game as well. Maybe the weather will finally turn into true spring-like weather, and we'll be able to get some games in!


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