Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Getting Settled In

Well, I'm a few weeks into the season, and it's been a rough go for me. I've had a few rough plate games where I just can't get it figured out. My tracking has been horrible, and as a result I'm missing pitches, bailing on balls in the dirt, and generally looking like crap. I've had a bright spot, however. Yesterday I was supposed to go to Toledo as the base umpire for a varsity game, but my partner had to bail out day of game. My commissioner had to pair me up with a "rookie", and move me to the plate. I put rookie in "", because I was put with Brandon, who has been umpiring for several years, but this is his first with the high school association. He's a member of LBUA, and I referee basketball with him as well. I had a pretty good plate game yesterday. I was doing a lot of things better that I was doing wrong before, and was seeing the ball a whole lot easier because of it. I'm "on the road to recovery", I think. It may take a few more weeks to work out the things I've been having trouble with, but I'll get there. Monday I was working with John at South Albany. That was by far my worst plate game in a long time, and he jumped on to work a 4 man with Ken, Brad, and me. As we were leaving the field I made the comment that "I've got a long way to go before I'm ready for July." referring to my regional. And...I do. We'll see if I can work out these things that may be minor, but are a big deal to me.

I've got four months to fix these things, which is a long time. So if I start now, I should be comfortable by July 31st when I take the feild for my first game.


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