Saturday, April 22, 2006

Midway Through the Season: Looking Better!

Well it's been a while since I updated my blog, and for good reason. The last coupple weeks have been a pain, as my work laptop died on me totally. The hard drive fried itself, and I lost everything I had stored on it.

Having that out of the way has been a relief. My company just gave me a new laptop, since my old one was still under waranty.

As for how my season has progressed: Much better. I've had a bunch of good games in the last few weeks, and gotten most of my problems with my plate game resolved. I'm still having trouble with the lower part of my strike zone this year. I had a plate game at Philomath Friday the 21st of April, and I worked on it. I had a pretty good plate game Thursday the 20th of April at South Albany. But, I'm not leaning enough when I get into the slot, and was lucky neither pitcher was nipping at the knees. Had that been going on, I'd have been getting a lot of chipping from the skippers no doubt. At Philomath I was able to fix most of those problems, but still am having trouble getting my lean squared away. I'll have a chance Wednesday at Lebanon to work on that.

I've still got plenty of things to work on before the regional. But, I'm pretty confident I'll get them resolved by the time it rolls around.


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