Thursday, May 25, 2006

Regular Season Is Over

Well, the regular season is over for me in terms of high school ball. The playoffs have started, but I don't anticipate getting any playoff games. I have some issues with that, but I'll keep those thoughts to myself, just in case....

I did get a league playoff game last Saturday to determine seeding for the state playoffs. The game itself wasn't all that great, but it's a playoff game none the less, I guess.

In other news for me: I was asked to come down to the Little League Western Region Junior Umpire School as an instructor in June! I've accepted the offer, and will be going down there with Bryan, who went down to the week long school with me, Randy, and his dad in January. I look at this as an oportunity for me to become an instructor at the "adult" school in the future. Because airfares are too expensive to the LA area, I'll be driving it both ways. 15+ hours each way. Should

I'm also about 2 months away from my regional now. I think I'm almost ready. I got confirmation e-mails about my shirts, pants, and hat that I will recieve, and my hotel accomodations. Things are beginning to finalize finally!


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