Monday, May 01, 2006

A Week Off....Kinda

Well, last week I only worked one game. Not because I was only assigned one. I was actually assigned two, and was going to pick up a Little League game or two to work. But, about the middle of the week I got pretty ill, and was layed up the rest of the week being sick, or healing up. Monday of last week I worked a freshman game over at West. I'm not used to seeing play quite that sloppy. The kids are also so small compared to the varsity kids I'm used to seeing all the time. Suddenly I felt tall again!

The game was pretty basic. The visiting team has an assistant coach who is shorter than 3/4 of the team. He looks like he should be playing, not coaching. He also doesn't understand how to talk to umpires. I watched a game the previous week a guy I know was working, and he demonstrated a lack of knowlage in how to ask simple respectful questions. He showed that ability during our game. Had a basic play at first turn into a near collision. First baseman bobbled a grounder, and ended up in a foot race to beat the runner to the bag. He dove head first at the bag, and tagged it with his glove in time. I sold the out, and the coach of course just kind of put his arms up and was saying something not loud enough to hear, so I went on my way out to right center field between innings. But, he wasn't going to stop, and started demonstrating that the first baseman had the ball in his throwing hand, and tagged the bag with his empty glove. Now that I was a little closer, I could also hear what he was saying finally(I decided not to be mean...I had a good one, too. "Speak up, I can't hear you...the players are in front of you...."). He was saying "Are you sure??" Confused, I just said. "Yep." Then, as if he hadn't asked the question: "Are you sure?" So now I lost my patience for the little one, and just said "Asked and answered", and went on my way. I think he said something like "But are you sure..." But I just ignored him. He wasn't contributing anything intellegent to the conversation, so I didn't need to waste my time. He wasn't being blatently disrespectful, either, so it wasn't worth making a big deal out of.

This week I'm off until Wednesday. I have a 2A game at Central Linn, followed by a 4A game Friday at West Albany for Cinco De Mayo.


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