Thursday, June 29, 2006

Two More Down, Four To Go

Well, the week is almost over, and I've gotten two games in, with two doubble headers this weekend ahead of me. My first game back was an eventful one. I had to eject the home manager in about the 6th inning of the game for language, and arguing a balk I called. He decided to accuse me of "always screwing him on balks", said "you're bad", and "you're bull shit". I guess he just really wanted to go.

This particular coach is only an assistant with the school's varsity team, and had a run in with me last summer, that it feels to me like he is still angry about. I can be proud that through his entire tirade of accusing me of screwing him all the time, I remained calm, and never raised my voice. He kept using what we call the "you" and "You're" words, which made it easy for me to go get him.

Last night's game was much easier. Nothing worth mentioning, really. So, now it's a few days off, and back to work early Saturday morning. Then, another doubble Sunday afternoon.

I picked up a few Little League district games next week up in Salem, so I'll kick off my Little League post season finally.


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