Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Less Than A Week Away!

Well, here we are less than a week until my regional! The long wait is finally about over, and I'm getting pretty excited.

We should be finding out soon who the rest of the teams will be. The "host" team will be Parish Little League. They won the District 7 tournament. Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed with the baseball at the tournament. I don't know if the host team will perform too well. But, we'll see. Suprises do happen.

Other than all of that, preperations at the field are under way. Today the batters eye is going up in center field. and the yellow capping will be going up along the fence as well this week. Tim is going to start rolling the field, and raising up the infield a bit, to make it flatter. I think I even heard them say a new home plate is going to go in. They are also going to replace all of the wood on the bleachers I'm told to make them safer, and look better.

And, I'll also be updating this blog every night if I can while at the tournament. So, look for that, if anyone is even reading it... :)