Thursday, July 06, 2006

Post Season Play Has Begun

Well, this week started my first Little League post season games. Monday night I went up to Salem with Randy and Brandon to work tow Junior baseball district games. I had the plate for the first game, then we worked a 4 man on the second game with John. I had forgotten how painfully slow Junior games go. I was doing everything I could to keep us moving at a good pace, but those half innings just take forever and a year to complete. I did pretty well, though, and got it done in about two hours. Not bad at all for a Junior game. We started the second game a half hour late because of how long my game took.

My game itself wasn't horrible. The kids just struggle. Most of them are 13, and one year removed from playing on a 60 foot diamond. So, the pitching is pretty....ugly. That, and the hitting isn't fantastic. Most of them are lucky to get the ball out of the infield. Every now and then you find a pitcher than can bring it, and a kid that can hit the ball hard.

One of the coaches I know very well. Not personally, I just know "him". I don't know if he tries to do this, but most of the time it feels like he is pushing as many buttons as he can with umpires, other coaches, or other players, just to see how far he can push it. I've learned how to manage his games, so now when he does do those things, it's easy for me to shut him down. It usually takes a few innings, but he eventually straightens out.

The game itself was close. It ended up being a 7-6 score I believe. I had to end the game by ringing a kid up on strikes, which I hate doing. But, the pitch was what we like to call a "cock shot". Meaning, right down the middle of the plate, around thigh high. The kid hung the pitch. The batter just froze.

The second game went...long. We started at about 8:30 PM. We ended at 11:30 PM. I'll leave it at that.

Last night I did a 9-10 year old district baseball game, and then a 10-11 year old district game. It's fun to watch the kids, just because they are having fun. But, the games are.....ugly. I enjoy doing them simply for the fun of seeing the kids have fun. They get excited when the ball is hit out of the infield, and even more excited when a team mate scores a run. We had three rather...intense coaches in one dugout. We could tell it would be a challenge at the plate talk, and they were in my dugout, as I was working 3rd for the game. The problem I had with them, was they were a little too intense for 9-10 baseball. They were pretty intense with the kids, and as a result, the kids I think struggled because of it.

Tonight I have another high school summer game, and then Saturday we have an 11-12 baseball district game.

On the 21st of July we're driving up to Port Orchard to watch Randy work his Big League tournament. I'm looking forward to that.


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