Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yet Another High School Incident....

Well, as my tournament draws near, I'm still doing high school summer ball to give myself reps at the level I expect to see at my tournament. Monday night saw an incident that made me lose all respect I ever had for a coach, and hurt the reputation of a school that has been known for how well it treats officials not only at baseball games, but all other sporting events it hosts during the school year, or summer.

To say there has been tension between myself and a perticular coach at this particular high school is putting it mildly. He is not the head varsity coach, but rather the pitching coach, and until this last season, was the head JV coach. He's known me for years-since I start umpiring-Seeing me umpire JV games my first several years as I learned the game from an umpire's perspective. The more I thought about the past after this incident Monday night, the more I realized he has always treated me like dirt. He formed an opinion of me when I was a young umpire, and never left any room for that opinion to change over the years as I grew. It came to a head last summer at a summer ball game I was umpiring. I made a call he disagreed with. And, he treated me like dirt. It became aparent he wasn't going to forget that incident through the basketball season, either. He is the boys JV basketball coach, and he treated me about as well at the two or three games of theirs I did last season, as he did after that incident at the baseball game the previous summer. Then came this summer's baseball season. Right after I got back from San Bernardino I was doing a home game there, and called a balk. He imediately started to get in my face after my explanation, and said the call was bull shit over and over, ending up with statements such as "Your bad", and "You're bull shit". I ejected him, of course, and on we went.

Well, on to the incident Monday night. I was working a doubble header. My partner is developing. He made some calls that were not popular with him, and that started the process of getting him all worked up. He all ready didn't like me, and now he was upset at both of us. Game two I was on the bases. What started most of the shit house that happened, was in the top of the 5th. His assistant started popping off about balls and strikes in the dugout. They had been doing this stuff all game, and my partner wasn't dealing with it. I decided I would look over and make eye contact with the assistant, and not say antying. They had had some banger plays go against them, and they probably didn't appreciate the strike zone. At this point his team was down 11-0, and it was the bottom of the 5th. The second call happened in their half of the 5th, and his assistant coach started popping off at me again. I couldn't hear exactly what he said, but I heard something about me wanting to go home. So, I said "What?", and he started in on me about having made the call before the play, and that I was cocked and ready to call him out before it happened. I told him to knock it off, and he didn't appreciate that. By that time, the coach that really didn't like me was over in my face telling me to stop talking to him, and that he would deal with him.

Long story short: I got him to go back to his box, but seconds after that, the assistant started back in on me. He said "So I can't talk over here?" to which I said, "Not comments like that, no. You need to know your role." This pissed him off, and I ended up ejecting him. He decided to act like a 3 year old, and go into the club house where all of our personal belongings and gear was, and MOVE them out into the team locker room. After the game he was waiting for us to tell us "THIS is the coaches office, and you are not welcome in here."

Now our association has to deal with that crap with the head varsity coach, and school's AD.

Aren't adults great? They just know how to behave, huh?


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